The SERVOCOULOMETER MIPO 5 allows the analysis of total Chlorine (and the other halogens) by silver Coulometry from very low contents (< 0.5 ppm) to elemental Chlorine (> 80 %).
Moreover, we propose complete equipment for the analysis of AOX in agitation for the adsorption.

We also propose equipment for EOX, POX and TOX.

This equipment has 2 ovens and ensures complete combustion of your samples.
The F1 furnace used in solid mode is a true microreactor which permits great flexibility. It allows you to program segments and temperature slopes for the controlled combustion and pyrolysis of your samples. Thanks to this controlled burning, there is no need to change the position of your oven and it will not leave samples unburnt.


Originally designed for the analysis of halogen (chlorine) by coulometric argentometry, the SERVOCOULOMETRE MIPO 5 may, with some adjustments, be offered as a sulphur analyser using iodometry (or optionally in a configurable combination analyser for the analysis of halogen or sulphur).

Methods :

  • Coulometry & Micro Coulometry
  • AOX, POX, EOX (ISO 9562)
  • Wickbold Method (ASTM D 2784 & 2785 / ISO 4260)