Sulphur analyzer by UV Fluorescence, according standards :
AST D5453 / ASTM D6667 / ASTM D 7183 / ISO 20 846

This apparatus is developped in collaboration with The Centre de Recherches TOTAL to answer a major problem of oil indsutry :
Our analyzer help to measure automatically and rapidly the very low contents of Sulfur in petroleum products (to 20 ppb) in routine analysis, and in the best conditions regarding :

  • Accuracy
  • Rapidity
  • Implementation
  • Comfort of using

The SULF UV is the result of this collaboration and is best suited to meet these requirements. Its performance and ease of use are the results of users’ participation in the design of the equipment.

There are 2 types of analyzers :

SULF UV “complete” which enables every kind of analysis : solid, liquid and gaseous products
SULF UV “SL” ISO 20 846 : especially dedicated to the analysis of liquid and gaseous products (the solid mode is not possible with this version).


Simultaneous sulphur and nitrogen analyzer

To reduce handling by operators and to save time, we have developed (thanks to new generations of 2M detectors) a device to analyse Sulphur and Nitrogen simultaneously using the same sample.

We also offer lower cost equipment to determine the Total Sulphides according to the Wickbold method with standard ASTM D2784.

Accessories for automatism can be combined with these analyzers :