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Gas and LPG Auto sampler

Gas and LPG Auto sampler

Detailed description

In collaboration with the French Petroleum Institute (I.F.P), we have developed one of the first gas and LPG automatic samplers that meets the requirements of ASTM D666. This equipment is not restricted to the brand ERALY only, it can be used on other brands devices as well. It is easy to use and requires very little maintenance.


We offer it for sampling and injecting gas and/or LPG.
In order to respond specifically to some of your needs, you can also buy it either for gas alone or for LPG alone, at a reduced price.

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Technical specifications

    • Composed of a 6 ways 2 positions valve with sampling loop, for Gas / the same for LPG
    • LPG expansion volume, 15 ml
    • Temperature of LPG expansion volume adjustable between 50 and 150°C (nominal 80°C)
    • Compatible with standard: ASTM D6667
    • Handle by our Software MIPO5
  • Applications

    Used for sampling and injecting gases and LPG

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