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Furnace and temperature control accessories

We apply all of our know-how and expertise in our efforts to satisfy your needs either by offering you solutions directly or by recommending trusted specialists.


Furnace temperature

Certain processes require temperature measurements in the heating tube and different parts of your reactor and/ or your sample. The wide range of temperature controllers and programmers on the market allows for these factors to be configured and managed with a PID or via computer software.




Your thermocouples

Depending on the chemical composition of your sample, as well as your requirements where temperature precision is concerned, we offer various types of thermocouples, S, K, N, J, T… we also provide simple thermocouples (one temperature measurement point) and multi-point thermocouple “rods” (several temperature measurement points within the same duct).




Sample under vacuum or Gas

When it comes to heating, annealing, calcining, tempering and combustion, it is very often a matter of closely controlling an environment and any gas flows...
If you wish to carry out your tests and measurements in the presence of gas or under a vacuum, we can take care of your reactors as well as the sealing of your assembly. Furthermore, we can manage the flows and gas pressures.
We are able to manage the design and development of your reactors and work tubes. Among others, we have already manufactured assembled reactors, reactors coupled with a cooling circuit, reactors with compartmentalised gas sections (inert on entry and inert plus another gas in the middle for instance...), reactors with compartmentalised sample sections...




Your adapters and stoppers

To reduce or even completely avoid calorie loss, we offer Duratec 1000 plugs and semi-stoppers.
We have designed adapters, to enable a single furnace to be used with work tubes of differing dimensions. These adapters enable you to place a reactor at the center of your furnace for more homogenous heating and at the same time they reduce possible heat loss.


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