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Mini Auto Sampler

Mini Auto Sampler

Detailed description

In the same spirit, we have developed a Mini-Auto Sampler "Mini-D" for our customers with a relatively small number of samples.


This will offer them the possibility to automate their operations at a lower cost, because our "Mini-D" can automatically inject between 5 and 7 different samples.

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Technical specifications

    • Equipped of a tray with 5 to 7 positions, plus trash and rinsing vial
    • System with a multiway valve for sampling / injecting and rinsing
    • Sampling volume adjustable between 10 µl and 80 µl
    • Sampling speed adjustable
    • Handle by our Software MIPO5
  • Applications

    Sampling and injecting liquid samples
    Ideal for a small number of samples

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