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Halogen / Chlorine Analyzer

Halogen / Chlorine Analyzer
Halogen / Chlorine Analyzer
Halogen / Chlorine Analyzer

Detailed description

The MIPO 5 SERVOCOULOMETER, is an analyzer used to measure total chlorine (and other halogens) by means of coulometric method.

Its measuring capacity extends from traces (<0.5 ppm) to the high concentrations of total chlorine (> 80%). It is also used to measure chlorine On Chlorinated PVC-C. In addition to the accessories for measuring EOX and POX, we offer complete equipment for AOX dosing by agitation and absorption.


Chlorine and AOX analyzer according to the standard ASTM D4929, ASTM D5194, ISO 9562...

This chlorine analyzer has two furnaces, and ensures complete combustion of your samples. The furnace F1 constitutes a real micro reactor, allowing a great flexibility of use. It allows you to program controlled pyrolysis and combustion of your samples through temperature sequences. With this technology, you will no longer generate soot regardless of the nature of the sample and the position of the furnace (vertical or horizontal).

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Modes
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  • Technical specifications

    Principle: Combustion - Coulomety


    Detection Limit: < 0.1 ppm to more than 80%
    Quantification: < 0.3 ppm to more than 80%


    Accuracy / RSD:

    • At 0.4 ppm: 7.51 %
    • At 11 ppm: 0.79 %
    • At 1000 ppm: 0.46 %



    • 20 to 80 µl liquids
    • 10 µL LPG
    • 0.5 to 100 mg solids


    Supply Gas:

    • Oxygen: 99.5 % - 3 bar
    • Argon: 99.5 % - 3 bar



    110 V / 230 V
    60Hz – 50 Hz
    1200 W



    • Furnaces F2 25 to 1150°C
    • Furnaces F1 programmable 25 to 1050°C



  • Applications

    Total Chlorine measurement in Petroleum products, Minerals, Used solvents, Fuels, Waters, Cement, Waste, Coals, Plastics, Oils, Chlorinated PVC, Cokes, Tar, Sediments, Plants…

    AOX, POX and EOX Measurement


    According standards:

    ASTM D4929, ASTM D5808, ASTM D5194, ASTM D6721, UOP 779, ISO 9562, NF EN 12260, NF EN 14077



  • Modes

    • Horizontal furnace configuration / compatible with syringe pusher
      All types of samples: Solids, Liquids, Gaseous

    • Vertical furnace configuration / compatible with auto injector
      All types of samples: Solids, Liquids, Gaseous

    • AOX by Shaker method or Colum method





  • Options

    • Liquid Automatic Sampler up to 50 positions
    • Automatic sampler for Gas and/or LPG, with 2 injections loops.
    • Mini automatic injector, for liquid samples from 5 to seven positions.
    • Auto introductor for solids samples with boat support.

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