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Combustion Apparatus (Wickbold Method)

Combustion Apparatus (Wickbold Method)
Combustion Apparatus (Wickbold Method)

Detailed description

Our apparatus having an Oxy-hydrogen burner is used to determine total sulfur by the Wickbold method.


This test method covers the determination of total sulfides in liquefied petroleum gases containing more than 1 μg / g. Samples must contain less than 100 μg / g of halogen.


Standards ASTM D2784, AFNOR M41-009, ISO 4260, IP 243, DIN 51408

The normative references for this equipment are relatively old, but they are still current in a number of laboratories, in industry and research. This equipment offers the possibility for laboratories to acquire, at a reduced cost, equipment for the determination of total sulfur and possibly fluorine.


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  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Modes
  • Options
  • Technical specifications

    Principle: WICKBOLD Method


    Sulfur measurement in:

    • Petroleum products, samples with 0.1 to 300 ppm
    • Distillates from 1 to 10 000 ppm



    "Safety" functions that automatically shuts off the Hydrogen by closing solenoid valves (EV) in case of:

    • opening of the protective cover during combustion
    • reduced cooling water pressure
    • decrease of the Depression of the vacuum in the fluid circuit
    • decrease of oxygen pressure


    Supply Gas:

    • Oxygen: 99.5 % - 3 bar
    • Hydrogen: 99.5 % - 3 bar



    110 V / 230 V
    60Hz – 50 Hz
    500 W


    Température: Stainless steel Burner, up to 2000 °C





  • Applications

    Measurement of sulphur, fluorine, carbon, etc. in petroleum products and all sample types requiring combustion.

    Samples are burnt with an oxyhydrogen blow-torch (burner). The liquid produced during combustion is collected and analysed with the use of other equipment or other measurement techniques.


    According standards:

    ASTM D2784, ASTM D2785, ASTM D 2384, NF EN 24260, ISO 4260, IP 243




  • Modes

    • Refrigerated absorber in Pyrex equipped of a sintered
    • Refrigerated vigreux tip absorber
  • Options

    • Sampling Reservoir:
      For LPG samples and natural gas as well as refining gas
    • Refrigerated vigreux tip absorbe

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