Customized tubular furnace pour l’industrie et la recherche

Customized tubular furnace


Customized tubular furnace

Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace
Customized tubular furnace

Detailed description

You need a catalogued furnace or a customized tubular furnace? Contact us! We manufacture tubular furnaces for laboratories and industry.


Why tailor-made? Because this offer allows you to have the product realized exactly adapted to your needs. Then you no longer design your projects according to the products cataloged.


Design and specific production of laboratory furnaces

Our tailor-made products are not just about adding options to an already existing product.
It is often a specific and unique development, design and production. Generally before production, we provide the customer a 3D modeling, which allows him to visualize in a very realistic way the finished product.


Go for quality, robustness and reliability! Choose the type of oven that best suits your needs:

  • Classic Tube furnaces, Vertical and / or horizontal
  • Well type Tube furnaces
  • Split tube furnaces (in two half-shells)
  • Multy tube furnaces in paralel or in bundle
  • Tube furnace with a square, rectangular or semi-circular section
  • Furnace with several heating zones


Choose the characteristics of your tube furnace

Before the manufacture of your tubular furnace, we define with you its length, its diameter as well as its electrical characteristics (power source, power...) and its accessories (reactors, closure caps, fittings, pipes, thermocouples...).


Take advantage of our flexibility; buy only what you need as we offer furnaces:

  • With or without protective grill
  • With or without temperature controller
  • With or without thermocouples


Tell us about your wishes and requirements; we will be able to offer you solutions.

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Modes
  • Options
  • Technical specifications

    • Principle: Heating under controlled atmosphere (vacuum, air, inert gas, oxygen…)
    • Temperature: 25 °C to 1200°C
    • Internal Diameter: From 4 mm to 200 mm
    • Heating zone: 1 to 4 differents zones
    • Isothermal zone: Accuracy from ±1 à ±10°C, according specifications
    • Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz / 110 V – 60 Hz / 48 V / 24 V
  • Applications

    Heating all types of samples:

    • Solids (metals, glasses, ceramics, sediments…)
    • Liquids (organics, non organics…)
    • Gaseous

    Used also for annealing, calcining, tempering and combustion, …





  • Modes

    Configuration Horizontal / Vertical:

    • Split tube furnaces (in two half-shells)
    • "Well type" Tube furnaces
    • Classic tubular furnaces
  • Options

    • Temperature controller with set point + ramp
    • Programmable temperature controller with bearings and slopes
    • Safety over heating / automatic furnace shutdown if necessary
    • Reactors and work tubes in quartz, Alumina, Mullite C530, Stainless Steel…
    • Plugs ; semi-plugs / Reactors adapters
    • Reactors coupled with a cooling circuit
    • Configuration and control via computer software (USB port; RS485)
    • Thermocouples type K / Type S / Type N…
    • Protection Grid
    • Special Insulation

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