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Meringage furnace

Meringage furnace

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Meringage Furnace for fire testing

Our "meringage" furnaces have been developed in collaboration with the National Testing Laboratory (LNE), to meet the needs of our customers manufacturer of tubes, pipes, fittings... made of PVC.


This equipment is referenced in the certification rules of the brand NF Security Fire of PVC pipes and fittings (Standard NF Me).


Measurement of the expansion of PVC tubes with Meringage Furnace

The conical Furnace also called "meringage" is a dedicated equipment for the fire test method to measure the ability of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tubes to expand under the action of heat.


To do this, a flat bottom test tube (test piece) (50 × 50 +/- 1 mm) is presented under the conical furnaces which emits a radiation of (50 ± 0.5) kW / m2 on the surface of the test piece (test tube). This specimen increases in volume (Intumescence) under the effect of heat. Intumescence is quantified by the rate of expansion (in %).


Expansion = 100 (Ef-Ei) / (Ei.E0) 1/2.

  • Ef: final thickness with E0 = 3 mm
  • Ei: initial thickness


The resistance of this Furnace complies with the Standards of ISO 5660.

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