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Pyroxydizer furnace

Pyroxydizer furnace
Pyroxydizer furnace
Pyroxydizer furnace
Pyroxydizer furnace

Detailed description

Our pyroxydizer furnace makes it possible to carry out controlled pyrolysis (under inert gas) followed by combustion (under oxygen) of your samples. Whether these are liquid, solid or gaseous, the pyrolyser ensures their total or partial mineralization (according you choice).


With this equipment the extraction of 14C carbon, Tritium 3H and Chlorine 36Cl has never been more complete and mastered.


The best pyroxydizer on the market

The pyroxydizer is the best pyro-combustion furnace in the market, in terms of quantity of test sample weight and volume (0.5 to 45 grams of dry matter). Consequently, the best extractor of Carbone 14 and / or Tritium for low and very low concentrations.


With combustion tubes to receive boats of 8 to 250 cm3 and an integrated system capable of cooling the trap vials up to -20° C, our device offers yields of more than 97% for Carbone 14 and / or Tritium on most materials.


Thanks to its F1 and F2 Furnaces, it allows you to program and closely control the pyrolysis and combustion conditions of the samples to avoid producing soot and any condensation of gases between the furnace outlet and the trapping system. The accuracy of the temperature for the samples is to the degree close.


Pyroxydizer with double safety

  • Passive Safety: Provided by a valve, it avoids possible accidents caused by shock waves, small explosions...
  • Active Safety: Controlled by the software, it translates into prevention messages, alarms and automatic shutdowns. It prevents the start of combustion until all safety conditions are met.


With the software you can define and store one or more optimal temperature sequences for all types of samples, for example:

  • A segment around 90° C for a drying phase
  • A slope of 40° C / minute up to 300° C for the departure of volatiles materials
  • A slope of 200° C / minute up to 950° C to complete the pyrolysis
  • A bearing at 950° C with reversal of the gases to oxidize any residues
  • A downward slope of -200° C / minute up to 500° C


We provide the device with datas (table) of temperature sequences for a wide variety of samples and you can adapt it at will.

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Modes
  • Options
  • Technical specifications


    Controlled Pyrolysis (under Inert gas) and/or combustion (under O2)



    • Furnace F1, programmable from 25 to 1050°C
    • Furnace F2, from 25 to 1100°C


    Cooling: Cooling furnace F1 from 950 to 45°C in 15 to 20 minutes


    Rate: Up to 7 samples per day / per combustion line


    Memory Effect: Negligible for 14C and H3


    Yield: More than 97% for 14C and H3 / for almost all types of samples

    Trapping: Integrated cooling système, adjustable from +5°c to -20°C



    • Configuration et control of furnaces temperature, cooling system, gas circuit
    • Real time display of the heating curve and the temperature set point
    • Hourly / daily timer to put in standby or to automatically start the device, the ovens, the gases...


    Supply Gas:

    • Oxygen: 99,998% - 3 bar
    • Argon: 99,995 % - 3 bar



    110 V / 230 V
    60 Hz – 50 Hz
    1200 W, in single phase / 3 x 800 W in Triple-phase


  • Applications

    Used for the extraction of Tritium (3H) and Carbone 14 (14C) in wide variety of samples such as: Soils, sediments, solvents, water, algae, leaves, fish, cement, concrete, plastics, food, insects.

    The Pyrolysis Furnace can be configured and used for the mineralization of liquid, solid, gas samples for purposes other than the extraction of Tritium and Carbon.

  • Modes


    • 1 combustion line
    • 2 combustion lines
    • 3 combustion lines


    Combustion tube:

    • For boats large volume up to 250 cc
    • For boats medium volume
    • For small boats of 8 cc
  • Options

    • Combustion tubes and boats made to measure
    • Number of combustion lines, occording your needs
    • In addition of Inert gas and oxygen a third gas
    • Number of refreshed trapping vials
    • Combustions lines with common or different commands

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