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Temperature controller


Temperature controller

Temperature controller
Temperature controller
Temperature controller

Detailed description

To be used optimally, our tube furnaces must be combined with temperature controllers.


There are single loop regulators and multi-loop regulators: the number of control loops required by your system defines the type of regulator that is appropriate for your operations. Some experiments require the use of a simple temperature regulator which allows to define a set point and temperature ramp.


Programmable temperature controllers

Our programmable temperature controllers are equipped with a built-in profiling function that allows users to run programs with a variation of temperature according to a ramp and / or level at each stage of the heating process.


Temperature controllers offer a variety of possibilities for your laboratory furnaces:

  • Controllers in Cascade (master / slave system)
  • Management of the controller via a computer software
  • Safety system to prevent overheating
  • Inputs and Outputs USB / RS232 / RS 485


We integrate the PID in independent or not boxes to our furnaces. These boxes contain the necessary electrical equipment (transformers, capacitors, solid-state relays, on / off button ...) to make the use of temperature regulators much more convenient, user-friendly and secure.

  • Technical specifications
  • Applications
  • Modes
  • Options
  • Technical specifications

    In an independent case of 200 mm x 185 mm x 90 mm (without options)


    Programmable Controller:

    • Format 48 * 48 mm
    • Up to 16 programs with 255 segments
    • Regulation by SSR output (state relay)
    • 2 to 4 Digital Inputs; Option
    • Warm, Hot / Cold Control
    • 2 sets of PID
    • Universal Input (Pt100, Thermocouples, ...)
    • Optional: External setpoint, Current measurement


    Classic Controller:

    • Format 48 * 48
    • Universal Inputs
    • 230 VAc power supply (24VAC / VD option)
    • Regulation by SSR output (state relay)
    • PID Regulation
    • Optional (RS485, External setpoint, digital input)




  • Applications

    Control, regulation and temperature display on:

    • furnaces
    • reactors
    • materials





  • Modes

    • Temperature display
    • Classic control (set point + ramp)
    • Control with program (set point + ramp + bearing and slopes)
  • Options

    • Safety with manual reset button / automatic oven shutdown if an alarm temperature is exceeded
    • Cascade control/ For example: Product temperature variation is detected and automatically corrected through furnace temperature adjustment
    • Possibility of digital inputs for Start-up, Shutdown and Programme pause
    • Configuration and control via computer software (USB port; RS485)
    • Low voltage feed via a toroidal transformer 230 V >> 24 or 48 V
    • Furnace oscillation motor command/ For example for a reactive mixture...
    • Several PIDs in the same case

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