Elemental analyzer (Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorine) and laboratory furnace Manufacturer

Design, manufacture, after-sale service

Design, manufacture, after sale service of elemental analyzers and furnaces

To meet the needs of our industry and research customers, we take care of the design, manufacturing and after-sales services of their elemental analyzers and laboratory furnaces.


Design and Manufacturing

ERALY develops designs and manufactures elemental analyzers, laboratory furnaces as well as accessories necessary for their use. These equipment are used in particular in the gas, chemical, nuclear, petrochemical, metallurgical, electronics and medical industries. We supply to laboratories that provide services as well as the research laboratories.


Being close to our customers, listening to them and taking in to account their feedbacks helps us to improve our products and continuously develop them.


From Design to delivery of equipment

As manufacturers, we manage the entire process from design to delivery including the conception and production of elemental analyzers and laboratory furnaces.

  • We produce all the mechanical, thermodynamic, electrical, automation sets and regulation of our equipment
  • We develop our own electronic interface, as well as the software to control our analyzers and pyrolysis Furnaces



Responding to the specific needs of industry and research

Our experience allows us to often respond to particular needs, according to precise specifications. We manufacture many customized equipment on request. We offer you the opportunity to adapt your equipment to your projects, not the other way around, if you do not find what you need in our catalog.



After-sales support and services for analyzers and laboratory furnaces

Our after-sales service is provided by a team of technicians and engineers with qualifications tailored to our products and the technologies used.


Our after-sales service is available:

  • Immediately by phone, via a free telephone number. Our technicians will put at your disposal their expertise for any need that does not require travelling.
  • On site: our technicians travel to France, on average within 72 hours after receiving a request.
  • Outside of France: we will intervene either directly or through our distributors technical teams.


Guaranteed after sales support and services:

  • On-site installation and commissioning of a new device.
  • Training users on how to use and to care of the equipment
  • Monitoring of commissioning and improvement of processes if necessary
  • Calibration and Control
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • After sales services on site or in a workshop

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