Elemental analyzer (Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorine) and laboratory furnace Manufacturer

Who are we?

Manufacturing analyzers and furnaces for industry and research

Eraly & Associés is responsible for the design and manufacturing of elemental analyzers and furnaces used by industry and research laboratories. For more than 44 years, we have been providing our customers and partners with our expertise, innovations and technology that combine reliability and robustness.


Manufacturer of analyzers of sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and laboratory furnaces

Our range of products is divided into two complementary branches and allows us to meet the specific needs of many customers in the fields of industry and research: gas, chemical, nuclear, petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics, medical…


Elemental Analyzers

This activity concerns the sulfur analyzer, nitrogen analyzer as well as the chlorine and carbon analyzer according to ASTM D / ISO / UOP and DIN standards. These analyzers are used with accessories such as injectors, gas / LPG samplers and liquid automatic sampler. We also produce continuous analyzers of sulfur and nitrogen in alimentary CO2.

Laboratory furnaces

We manufacture custom-made but also catalog-based laboratory furnaces, to which we associate temperature controllers / programmers as well as reactors. Our expertise allows us to also manufacture pyrolysis furnaces and furnaces used for fire tests (electric burner, meringage furnace…).


Custom manufacturing or adaptation of elemental analyzers and furnaces

Thanks to our expertise as manufacturers of elemental analyzers and laboratory furnaces, we can offer to our customers:

  • adaptations of listed products to specific needs
  • manufacturing of particular equipment (on specifications)

Your Sulfur, Nitrogen, Chlorine and Laboratory Furnace analyzer manufacturer


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